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Below is the complete selection of titles by JCBarry.

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Becoming Mum: Finding Your Mojo in Motherhood

January 19, 2021

We don't become mum overnight. We have to journey. We have to navigate. This book shows you how.

Including the Mama Resume: ''all that unrecognized knowledge, ..those skillsets, time to own it all''

This book works on 3 levels.

Becoming Whole: Individual tips on how to navigate the experience of becoming mum.

Becoming Aware: Social forces,narratives and limiting beliefs of mum in modern society. What does is mean to be ‘mum’ in modern society?

Becoming Advocate or Activist. help to reinstate the status of mum in society and campaign for her rights such as affordable childcare.

What does is mean to be mum in modern socieyt?We suffer from ‘fomo’ looking at ‘Instamamas’ and ‘mumpreneurs’ online. Working mums feel judged and overstretched, while ‘stay at homers’ feel undervalued and downright demeaned. Where does all the guilt come from and what can we do with it?Whether you are a tiger mama,a helicopter or attachment parent,or following the Gina Ford model this book will help you navigate the steps involved in ‘Becoming Mum’. 

The experience of becoming a mother is of course life altering. But why do so many women of this generation feel lost,at sea,or in shock? 

What does an identity crisis look and feel like on a personal level? Take the Identity Crisis Questionnaire. Or have a look at the final chapters, which show Tips:how to prevent, cope with or use this crisis to your advantage. Reflect on the social forces at play driving the crisis. 

Tracing the identity of the mama from the Renaissance Madonna to ‘the cult of Angelina’, this book looks at representations of motherhood in the media. How has mum’s public image changed over time and impacted our social and personal belief systems?
This book also asks how we can take back the Status of Mum in society.

Featuring ‘the Mama CV’ you will never look at the day to day work of Mothering in the same way. 

Most of us don’t become ‘mum overnight’. We have to work through the emotions,the culture shock,the labels and expectations out there. We have to re-align our relationships to our partners,loved ones and most importantly to ourselves. We have to find our own way.

This book shows you how.

Upcoming Book

Hard Borders - Coming Soon

Julianne is a housewife, living on the edge of social welfare Ireland, just trying to make ends meet until a mysterious nurse befriends and inspires her.


‘There's more to life than popping out babies. This is your time. You need to know what's going on in the world'. 

But is her new friend all that she seems? After years of 'not seeing what was before her eyes' she wakes up to a world of activity going on around her that is both unnerving and very dangerous.

As events conspire, voices around her and constant money worries get in on her and she feels she is ‘slipping through the cracks...falling down, down and taking her family with her’’.


Lines become blurred. Her choices are not as clear cut as they seem. Are there really forces lurking in the shadows? How far will she go to the edge and can she save herself and her family? 

​As Julieanne’s situation spirals we meet the desperate characters around her community who are struggling to survive life in a hidden Dublin rife with violence, poverty and addiction. 

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