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Story of JCBarry

I am a working mum,working from home with a passion for writing. I published Becoming Mum-Motherhood and Identity Crisis in early '21. It is a non fiction work to reach out to women who are navigating the same ups and downs of juggling and other issues we encounter in the role of mum. My output spans different genres and fans of the book can look forward to an upcoming indie novel with further non-fiction in the Becoming series to come at a later date.I am interested in social commentary and how social forces seep down into our daily lives and relationships. My books explore relationships with our children,significant others as well as ourselves and the world around us.

Recent Works

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Becoming Mum: Finding Your Mojo in Motherhood (formerly Motherhood & Identity Crisis)

January 19, 2021

Most of us don’t become ‘mum overnight’. We have to work through the emotions,the culture shock,the labels and expectations out there. We have to re-align our relationships to our partners,loved ones and most importantly to ourselves. We have to find our own way. This book shows you how.

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